Frequently Asked Questions

Do I live in the Town of Shalimar?
If you live on any of the following streets: Avalon Lane, Carl Brandt (#2 ONLY), Cherokee Road, Clifford Drive, Barron Court, Gardner Drive, Sara Drive, Sunset Bay Court, Shalimar Drive, Snug Harbour, Old Ferry Road (west side), Palm Shores Drive, Mande Court, Brande Court, Plew Avenue, Richbourg Avenue, Erwin Fleet Drive or Dana Court, then, you are probably in the Town limits. Map of Town Limits.
Will the Police Department watch my house while I'm on vacation?
Definitely! Please notify the Shalimar Police Department or Town Hall whenever you are planning on being away from your home. There is a house watch form that the Police Department will need you to complete. The form can either be completed here  or you can stop by the Town Hall (located behind the Tom Thumb Gas Station) and complete one in person. The police will make a note to provide special attention to your residence during their frequent patrols of the Town. Also, we encourage you to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood regardless of the time of day. All minor infractions should be reported to the Shalimar Police ((850) 651-1115. Help us keep Shalimar a nice and safe community.
What Department offers fire protection for the Town of Shalimar?
The Town does not have their own Fire Department but it falls under the Ocean City Wright Fire Department. For information, please visit their website at
What is the garbage schedule and how do I report any problems?
The Town Commission negotiated a Garbage Contract with Waste Management:
- Curbside refuse collection is made on Monday and Thursday and the company asks that you place your carts at curbside no sooner than 6:00 p.m. the evening before a scheduled pick-up.
- Curbside collection of yard trash is Monday of each week. Bundles of shrubbery, limbs, etc. should be no larger than six (6) feet in length or four (4) inches in diameter. Bundles, bags and containers should not weight more than 50 pounds each.
- Curbside recycling collection services is Thursday.
- There is also a bulk collection available for bulk waste. Bulk waste includes bulky materials such as furniture and mattresses but does not include debris from remodeling projects (including carpet). The day for bulk collection is Mondays.
- Also, white goods will be picked up by Waste Management. The pick-up day is Saturday but must be called in by the Thursday before.
- Collections will not be made on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day unless you hear otherwise.
- Waste Management does not handle any Hazardous Materials (HazMat). HazMat (which includes, but is not limited to, old paint cans, paint thinners, fluorescent bulbs, oil filters, batteries, etc.) can be dropped off at Town Hall on the pallet next to the dumpster or call us and we can pick it up for you. Please contact us for the complete list of HazMat.
- If you have extra recyclables this month, there is a recycle dumpster by the Town Hall next to the Town dumpster.
- Special pick-ups can be arranged with Waste Management by appointment but may result in additional fees on your monthly bill.
- To report problems, the local telephone number for Waste Management is (850) 301-2822. Please remember to identify yourself as a Shalimar Resident.
When does the Town get sprayed for mosquitoes?
For further information: Cindy Halsey, Environmental Services, (850) 651-7394
County workers have been spot spraying areas since early spring and have continued the County’s ongoing larvaciding program throughout the year. Now that the warm temperatures are remaining constant, spraying efforts are more likely to be effective.
"Once the warmer evening temperatures move into the area, we begin to see an emergence of the mosquito population in our communities," says Cindy Halsey, Okaloosa County Environmental Services Manager. “This year is predicted to have a particularly high mosquito rate. It is important that residents begin taking personal precautions such as emptying free-standing water, cleaning gutters and removing debris from their yard. These measures are absolutely the most effective way to control mosquito populations on your property.” Okaloosa County’s mosquito prevention measures include weekly spraying of areas, except federal and state-owned lands, on a rotating basis Monday through Thursday, weather permitting, from 5 pm until 10 pm . Spraying must be discontinued during rain and during winds of 10 mph or greater. Details and spray schedules are available on the county’s Web site at Mosquito spraying reminders and the Florida Department of Health’s “5 D’s” for prevention:
- Mosquito spraying trucks will not spray areas where residents are outside.
- If the lights on top of the vehicle are on, spraying is taking place.
- The new spray is odor-free and the equipment is much quieter. If the light is on, the area is being sprayed.
- Questions or comments should be directed to the environmental control department at (850) 651-7394, Monday through Thursday.
- Please do not stop Drivers, as they must discontinue spraying.
- Dusk and Dawn (avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are seeking blood, for many species this is during the dusk and dawn hours).
- Dress (wear clothing that covers skin).
- DEET (use mosquito repellents according to label including DEET [N, N diethylm-toluamide] on skin when you are outside).
- Drainage (check your home to rid it of standing water in which mosquitoes can lay their eggs).
- In addition to taking precautions against human illness, residents are reminded to have outdoor animals vaccinated against disease. Horses should be vaccinated against Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). Although West Nile and EEE can occur throughout the year, peak season is August, September, and October. Horses must receive two vaccine injections 3 to 6 weeks apart and then it is recommended every 3 to 6 months. Dog owners are also reminded to have pets treated for heartworms as mosquitoes carry this disease as well.
- The Mosquito Control Division of Public Works is open Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. to accept calls about citizens’ mosquito concerns. They can be reached at (850) 651-7394.
What services do the Town provide?
- As a Town, we are an incorporated municipality. The benefits of incorporation include the right to compete with other Florida municipalities for State funding (grants). Both Combs Park and Meigs Park were developed with State grant funds. Also, Storm Water Management construction on Snug Harbor Drive, Clifford Drive and Shalimar Drive was accomplished with State grant funds. We received a FEMA grant which paid for the roof and storm shutters on the Town hall. In July 2001, we received  another State grant to purchase additional Combs Park Property which will be used to improve access into and out of the park and in 2006 we received a State grant to aid in replacing trees that were lost in past hurricanes. We continue to apply for State Grant Funds for which we qualify. We have sidewalks, streetlights and a full-time maintenance department to maintain the  parks and public areas.
- Our Police Department provides almost 24-hour surveillance of the Town neighborhoods and businesses. The Police Department is always ready to aid you during an emergency, even if that means that they have to drive 25 miles out of town to do so . Please keep their phone numbers handy.
- In addition, the Town has their own Planning and Zoning oversight to include passage and enforcement of Ordinances to maintain property values and neighborhood appearances.
- The Town Hall is available for residents (free of charge) on a noninterference, first-come basis, to use for parties and functions (complete the reservation form here, print out the form and bring it with you when you come by Town Hall).  There are also several great (FREE) services including: photocopies, notary service, faxing (sending and/or receiving), and use of town equipment (tractor, trailer, tools, etc.).  If you are interested in utilizing any of these services or have a question about something else that we may do for you, please don't hesitate to call us at (850) 651-5723. If you want/need to use Town equipment, you will have to complete a Hold Harmless Agreement which you can do here, print out the form and bring it with you when you come by Town Hall.
Where do I call for information on sports leagues in the Town?
This is one of those questions that we get almost daily. Unfortunately, the fields are not located within the town limits of Shalimar so we have very little information regarding the sports leagues. Most of our contacts are outdated. If you are interested in the area sports leagues, the best place to find the information is the Daily News. Every couple days or so, there is a calendar spot in the sports section (called "games people play") with all of the up-to-date league information. We also have requests to post registration information on our marquee so keep an eye on that as the seasons approach.
What are the hours for Town Hall?
Town Hall is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office is closed from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. for lunch when only one person is on duty. During the hours of 4 p.m. to 5p.m., the office may be closed while the staff catches up on paperwork. Calls will be answered whenever someone is in the office. The local telephone number is (850) 651-5723.
How do I get a message on the Town's Marquee?
There is a form that the residents complete in order to get something posted on the Town's marquee. You can either complete the form here, via fax (850) 651-3337, or you can stop by the Town Hall and complete one in person.
Do I need a permit to .......?
The answer is probably yes! We enforce and enact ordinances to protect you, the property owner, and your neighbors. Except in some minor instances, the Town's permit requirements mirror Okaloosa County's requirements. We do require a permit for cutting certain sized trees (Tree Ordinance). We also have our own Sign Ordinance. In summary, for most construction, you will need a permit. If you have researched our Code of Ordinances and found that something you want to do is not legal, you might decide to apply for a Variance and meet with our Planning and Zoning Board. To ensure compliance, just ask anyone at Town Hall and if you'd like to download the form, you can find it here.
Do you need a license to do work in Shalimar?
All contractors who are doing work in the Town limits must contact Town Hall to purchase a Contractor's Tracking Certificate (CTC). We will collect the contractor's Liability Insurance, Worker's Compensation, a copy of their State of Florida License and a copy of their County Business Tax Cerficate. The fee for a CTC is $20 from October 1 through March 31 and $10 from April 1 through September 30. We maintain a list of all contractors currently licensed in the town here but if you find one that's not on the list, the process to acquire a CTC will take about 10 minutes. This requirement is for your protection against legal troubles which may occur otherwise.
What is the millage (property tax rate) for Shalimar?
The current millage rate for the town of Shalimar is 2 mills. This means the Shalimar property tax will be $2.0 for each $1,000 of property's assessed value (minus any exemptions like the Florida Homestead). For example, a property assessed at $100,000   would currently be assessed $180.00 per year in Town property taxes. From FY2000 to FY2020, Shalimar has been steadily lowering its millage rate and it is now 1.3 mill less than it was 20 years ago - that's a 60% reduction!!
What are the public schools for Shalimar residents?
- Shalimar Elementary School
1350 Joe Martin Circle; Shalimar, Florida
Telephone: (850) 833-4339
- Meigs Middle School
150 Richbourg Avenue; Shalimar, Florida
Telephone: (850) 833-4301
- Choctawhatchee Senior High School
110 NW Racetrack Road; Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Telephone: (850) 833-3614
How do I get public utilities turned on/off? Report problems? What are some other important county offices?
- Cox Communications (Cable TV, internet and cell phone) - (850) 862-0175
- Florida Power & Light Customer Service - 1-800-226-5885 - To report a street light outage or power outage concerns 
- Okaloosa County Gas District Customer Service - (850) 729-4700
- Okaloosa County Water & Sewer - (850) 651-7171
- Daily News - (850) 863-1111
Okaloosa County Offices:
- Sheriff (non-emergency) - (850) 651-7400
- Supervisor of Elections - (850) 651-7272
- Tax Collector - (850) 651-7300
- Property Appraiser - (850) 651-7240
- School Board - (850) 833-3100
Who do I contact for animal control?
If you are having problems with animals which are wild or running loose, the Town will try to help. During working hours, call  (850) 651-5723.  After hours call the Police on-duty officer at (850) 428-0148.