The Current Code of Ordinances was passed on April 12, 2016 and replaces the previous Code of Ordinances. The documents should open in your web browser and can be searched by (in Google Chrome) clicking on the 3 dots in the top, right-hand corner (directly under the red 'X') and selecting "Find". Just enter your keyword in the box and you can click through each instance of your keyword(s) by clicking the arrow up or arrow down next to the keyword box.
Town Charter  Part I of the Code of Ordinances, covers the boundaries of the Town Government, including the authority granted to officials and charter officers.

General Ordinances - Part II of the Code includes detailed chapters of rules that apply within the Town limits.

Land Development Code (LDC) - The LDC establishes the day-to-day controls to ensure the development of Shalimarfollows the approved Comprehensive Plan. The rules and operation of the Town Commission, Boards & Committees, as well as regulations related to plan reviews and business taxes are covered.

Comprehensive Plan - The Comprehensive (Comp) Plan covers the plans for future land use, as well as learning about the planning process, who participates and the decisions made.

Zoning Map

Future Land Use Map (FLUM)


The Code of Ordinances are made up of all Ordinances that were passed up until when the full document was approved on April 12, 2016. Any Ordinances passed since then (and some from before) can be found by clicking on the link below.

Ordinances by Year